¡Feliz Aniversario (belated...from May 19) Joel + Mercan!

Wow - I can't believe it's been 5 years since Joel & Mercan's amazing wedding at the incomparable Rancho Huracan.  So many wonderful firsts came out of this wedding, and most importantly, beautiful friendships, with Joel & Mercan as well as with their awesome photographer Evrim Icoz, whom we have been fortunate enough to work with (and be photographed by) many more times through the years.  I still remember that first phone call with Joel - his baritone voice all business, asking me for my "elevator speech" about why we were right for the job.  We were so new at wedding planning I felt like it was one of those job interviews where you know you can pull it off if only given a chance, but you also know the hiring party is taking a risk that you can actually do what you say you can.  Well, I guess my elevator speech worked because they hired us, and I know we made good on our promise because we pulled it off and then some.

Joel & Mercan brought an intimate group of friends & family to Sayulita for their wedding - about 25, almost identical to our own wedding - with just parents and close friends in attendance.  They treated their guests to a Sayulita Fish Taco catered pool party (RIP, SFT - we miss you!) at their kick-ass villa; a rehearsal dinner at Calypso; and a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception, with moon-lit rooftop dinner catered by Don Pedro's, tres leches cake from Pie in the Sky, and the first ever wedding appearance of Sayulita's now-famous "churreros," Miguel & Gloria.

Joel & Mercan are one of the rare couples that actually follow-up on their vow to return to Sayulita every year, and we always look forward to their visits - for long ago they ceased to be clients and just became our friends, who we love catching up with and who it feels like we saw just yesterday.  So, when's the next visit, kids?

All photos ©Evrim Icoz Photography, 2007.  Check out even more of Evrim's Joel + Mercan photos here.

xo, Andrea, Gabbi + Maximo