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Our story is, above all else, a love story.

Sayulita Dream Weddings is the entrepreneurial love-child of Andrea + Gabbi Villarrubia. Born of their dream for a better life, and their desire to share the magic of Sayulita with like-minded dreamers and lovebirds. Andrea and Gabbi met while working on the movie Shrek at PDI/ Dreamworks in Palo Alto, California. They fell madly in love and have since been inseparable. On a summer vacation in 2002, they fell madly in love again, with Sayulita, and hatched a plan to give it all up and move to Mexico. Two years later they brought their closest friends and family to Sayulita for their own destination wedding, and saw a need for wedding planning services in the growing village. In 2006, they traded San Francisco and their EA Game Developer careers for sunnier shores south-of-the-border, where their family has flourished. Since founding SDW in 2006, they have planned and produced over 100 weddings, 10 community fundraisers, and 6 multi-day multi-arts festivals. Andrea + Gabbi live in Sayulita year round with their two kids Maximo + Druscilla, and an ever-growing number of furry four-legged friends.

Andrea Bio


Andrea is dedicated, driven and detail oriented - a managerial force who knows what she wants and has a clear vision of how to make it happen (star sign: Aries). Born and raised in Louisville, KY, she migrated to the PNW at 16, graduating from The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA) with a Liberal Arts degree in Experimental Film and Animation. Andrea honed her production/ management skills in feature animation and video game development before relocating to Sayulita, where she feels incredibly blessed to work with fabulous couples planning and producing their dream wedding in the bohemian paradise of Sayulita. Andrea is fiercely devoted to her pursuits and her relationships, and takes very seriously the trust her clients place in her to oversee and execute the most momentous events in their life stories. Andrea’s many passions include her marriage + family, playing music, teaching + practicing yoga, traveling, cooking and eating.

Gabbi Bio


Gabbi is the beautiful dreamer that dares to dream and has the mojo to make it happen. A creative visionary, magnetic personality and life-long go-getter, Gabbi has been a natural manager since his early years in the workforce and moves quickly up any ladder he encounters. Hopeless romantic, champion of TRUE LOVE, and charismatic speaker, Gabbi has extended his natural talents to crafting and officiating wedding ceremonies for lovers tying the knot on Sayulita’s shores. Fluent in English and Spanish, Gabbi moves seamlessly between the two when addressing bilingual audiences, weaving in personal histories and meaningful passages to create a truly bespoke ceremony that is a unique reflection of each couple. When not marrying happy couples, you can find Gabbi tending to his business Sayulita At Your Service, selling Real Estate with Pacifico Property, producing Festival Sayulita, playing music with Los Gatos Negros, running jungle trails, or -most often- spending time with his family.


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