SDW's Sweet New Site

I am so thrilled to be initiating this blog in conjunction with our fabulous new website! We have been working for quite some time now on this project, with our dear friend and designer Nick Sherman, and could not be happier with the gorgeous results.  It is a stellar showcase of some of our favorite weddings, who we are, and what we do.  We are super excited to finally release it into the wide world web, and can't wait to hear what you think!

We can't possibly even begin to thank Nick enough for his amazing work, and his even-yet-still-more-cherished friendship.  Nick, you are the kitten's mittens and we love you so.  Muchissimas Gracias, Hermano Neeeek!

A million thanks also go out to the brilliant photographers who created the images featured in our wedding galleries. EvrimElizabethDonnaDiaScott, Tamara, Ann & Amy, Cathie, and Christine - it has been such a joy working with you all and we THANK YOU for capturing our work so beautifully in your photos!

It seems only yesterday and at once a lifetime ago that Gabbi & I rolled into Sayulita on a wing and a dream, stars in our eyes and a crazy idea in our hearts that we could live in this town and start a business based on what we love most - LOVE. And now here we are, 5+ years later, ensconced in a town we once only dreamed of calling home, running successful and super-rewarding businesses, raising a beautiful son (most important thing in the WORLD), and loving life - loving each other - more than ever.

How much we've grown - how much we've stayed true to ourselves, our love, our dream.

A peek back at our evolution:

We anticipate with much joy the journeys that lay ahead, and look forward to sharing it with you on these pages!

xo, SDW