Looking Forward, Reflecting Back

As much as I love the super tranquilo pace of summer in Sayulita – and intend to enjoy every last remaining minute of it! - I also do thrive on a bit of rewarding and challenging work to keep me on my toes and keep the creative juices flowing… so I am stoked to be fast approaching wedding season, which for us has its official start on November 3, five-years-minus-a-day from our very first wedding way back in 2006.  That seems an eternity ago, if only in the amount of growing we’ve done since, personally and professionally.  I remember that first wedding so well - Susan & Renzo of Telluride, a match made in mountain-heaven - us being so honored that they entrusted their wedding day to us and our fledging business.

Susan & Renzo, 4 November 2006, photo by Gabriel Villarrubia

Here we are now, in full plan-and-prep mode for our upcoming sixth (!) season of weddings in Sayulita.  In the past five years, we’ve been blessed to work with over 35 beautiful, fun, interesting, individual couples to craft and execute unique and fabulous celebrations of their love and union.  More importantly, we’ve connected with truly amazing people along the way, so many who have become dear friends for life.  When you work with someone intimately on such an important event in their lives, you become etched into their history in at least some small way.  In turn, each of our Brides and Grooms have been etched into our history and left their own mark on our lives and worlds.

Joel & Mercan, 19 May 2007, photo by Evrim Icoz

So for the early believers in that first season – Susan & Renzo, Falene & Erin, Joel & Mercan, Kristy & Mike, Dan & Danica, Steve & Kerry – and everyone else through the years that has believed in us, entrusted us with your most important events-of-a-lifetime, challenged us to create something truly spectacular… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust, your vision, your inspiration, your love, and your friendship.  Without you, Sayulita Dream Weddings would be but a dream in our own hearts.

xo, SDW