¡Feliz Aniversario Adriana + John!

This anniversary post is going to be a good one! We’ve been anxiously waiting to share this lovely fête full of gorgeous, color-saturated, super fun Mexican details featuring some of our favorite clients and more importantly, wonderful friends, John & Adriana. Adriana is surely our most avid facebook follower and fan and has expressed her high hopes for their anniversary post so I can only hope to measure up! In fact, in anticipation of this big event, she even sent me some after-hours photos of the wedding-reception-turned-pool-party-mayhem, featuring probably the Best. Hora-dance. Of all time. [evidence below]

John & Adriana, already friends – and really, honorary extended family – of ours, came to us with a vision for their wedding. They wanted to share with their friends and family all of the things that they loved most about Sayulita. And what they love about Sayulita isn’t fancy restaurants or big stately villas – it’s great food eaten on the street, vivid colors, festive music, surfing, the beach, candy, spicy banana chips, the “nieve, nieve!” guy, and a million other little details that on their own may not mean much, but together form the eclectic crazy awesome patchwork whole that is our very own, one-of-a-kind, strange little Sayulita.

Aside from showcasing what they love about Sayulita, this had to be a kick-ass, original, super fun PARTY, one that would live up to their own track record of throwing multiple kick-ass, original, super fun major events all year long through their junker-car racing company 24 Hours of LeMons, [yes, this link really is worth clicking on – watch the video, these guys are awesome] of which John is the founder. So after setting some pretty high expectations and laying down their awesome vision, they pretty much turned the reins over to us and let us go at it without much micro-managing on their parts, which made it one of the more fun weddings we’ve worked on because we got to let our creativity flow and really have fun with it.

The result was truly one of our “Best. Weddings. Ever.” And it is still lauded as such by J+A’s pals. For me it was the best because I had the freedom to run with their vision while incorporating lots of little touches and details along the way so that as their day unfolded, they got to experience many of the little surprises in the same fun way the guests did, which is a rarity in the world of hyper-planned weddings these days. Plus I felt like I knew them well enough as my friends to “get” what they wanted, but also in the process, I really “got” them more through the planning of their wedding and felt closer to them than ever.

The lovely day was perfectly captured by Photographer Donna Day, and I can’t imagine a more fitting and perfect match between wedding and photographer than this saturated color-fest and Donna’s trademark color-saturated photo-style.

Okay, enough yapping - now for some pretty pictures!

John & Adri – Happy 2-year Anniversary, Amigos! We love you, and your wedding will always live on in infamy!

xo, SDW

p.s. As promised, after party photos from the Bride, and with a parting "day after" beach shot: