¡Feliz Aniversario Lara y Robert!

Happy 4-year Anniversary to Lara & Robert!  Lara & Robert kicked off our 2007-2008 wedding season – a big one for us, and the start of 6 weddings in 5 weeks in October and November.  Ah, the things you can do before you have a kid…  I try to allow myself a little more space these days, for the sanity of everyone in my home.

Digression aside, this was a beautiful wedding – a lovely palette of green and orange, a Mar Plata welcome dinner, a delicious and beautiful rehearsal dinner at Villa del Oso catered by Upi Viteri of LUPE restaurant (sadly no longer open), a great Cuban band at the wedding, and a fun photo booth.  Lara & Robert received an extra bit of “good luck” on their wedding day when the rain started gently falling just as  we were seating guests for the ceremony.  Fortunately, we had planned for such a thing to happen what with the tropical storm stalking us all week, and had set up a tent on the other side of the Palapa lawn.  When the sprinkles started, Don Pedro’s and our team jumped into action, quickly moving the chairs under the tent while guests stayed dry under the palapa.  The rain stopped shortly after the ceremony, and the festivities continued without a hitch (well, there was that one hitch that everyone came for).

This was also our first wedding working with the illustrious Elizabeth Lloyd, but thankfully not our last.  Gracias to Robert for unearthing this gem of a photographer back when she was just beginning to turn her lens on the wedding world.

Congratulations to Robert & Lara!  Here’s to a lifetime of joy ahead!

xo, Andrea & Gabbi