Andrea and Gabbi met while working on the movie Shrek (Gabbi interviewed Andrea, in fact). After a year of on-the-job camaraderie, carpooling, and growing friendship, they fell madly in love and have since been inseparable. On a summer vacation in 2002, they fell madly in love again, with Sayulita, and hatched a plan to give it all up and move to Mexico. Two years later they brought their closest friends and family to Sayulita for their own destination wedding, and had the time of their lives. In 2006, they traded San Francisco and their EA game developer careers for sunnier shores south-of-the-border, where their family has flourished. Sayulita Dream Weddings is their entrepreneurial love-child, born of their dream for a better life, and their desire to share the magic of Sayulita with like-minded dreamers and lovebirds. Let them show you the way.

Andrea & Gabbi